7 Councils of the Undivided Church

The Scriptures teach that the Church was founded by the Lord Jesus Christ..."On this rock I will build my church(Matthew 16:18)."  The Apostle Paul called the Church the "Pillar and ground of the Truth(1Timothy 3:15)."  

The Church functions as the keeper and guardian of the teachings of Jesus CHrist and His original 12 Apostles contained in the Bible and doctrinally structured in the Creeds.  These Biblical teachings were reaffirmed in Seven Primary Councils of the Church which existed as one for a thousand years.

God's word condemns division.  "Now I plead with you...that you all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you...perfectly joined together in the same mind and in he same judgement(1Corinthians 1:10)."

The Devil has effectively used division against the CHurch for centuries.  The Apostles knew this would happen, so they structured Biblical Christian teaching in a formulated statement called the Apostle's Creed.  Many years later, the Church conveyed a Council at Nicea to restate clearly what the Apostle's Creed had always fully taught.

Six other councils followed(325A.D.-787A.D.), and they all reaffirmed what was originally taught in all places and all times by the Apostles..."The Faith that was once for all delivered to the saints(Jude3)."

The Seven Councils were:

1)325A.D.-Nicene Creed


3)431 A.D.- The Virgin Mary-"The Mother of God"

4)451A.D.-Jesus Christ's divine and human nature

5)553A.D.-Reaffirmed the two natures of Christ

6)680A.D.-Again clarify the two natures of Christ

7)787A.D.-Validate the use of icons in worship